Why You Should Sleep More

So, how did you wake up today? Were you all too tired, red eyed and affected with soreness, and got up only because of the buzzing sound of your stupid alarm or did you wake up on your own with a big, fat smile on your face feeling all geared up to take on the day? You may have never given this a thought, but you’ll for sure be surprised to see what a good night’s sleep can do to you and your overall health. Below we have mentioned some pointers as to why you should sleep more and how it can work wonders for you! Also, there are more sleep-related tips that would help. Visit Counting Sheep Research.

Improves Concentration and Output

If you have had a nice sleep, you’ll be able to focus more on your studies or work.  Well, this happens majorly because your brain is able to function more properly, as it received the much-needed rest. Moreover, a brain that has rested properly improves your grasping abilities and helps you come up with solutions for tough situations.

Improves Athletic Performance

Are you a sports enthusiast trying to make yourself the number one athlete, but are seeing no improvements in your performance? There’s only one answer to this – lack of sleep! However, if you wish to see your dreams turn into reality and achieve what you’ve been working really hard for ensure that your mind and body is getting the rest that it deserves. It will also help improve your senses making you more alert and active, not to mention the improvement you’ll see in your performance.

Prevents Heart Problems

According to a study, it has been found that those who are not getting an appropriate sleep of 7 to 8 hours per night are at major risk of suffering from a heart attack. If you are not getting proper sleep, chances are you may also get affected by chronic diseases. Improper sleep increases your body’s insulin resistance, which in turn decreases your glucose processing ability and makes you a type 2 diabetes patient. However, if you follow regular sleeping patterns, you will not suffer from cardiovascular and chronic diseases.

Improved Immunity

When you take a night out and disrupt your sleep cycle, know that you’re putting your body at risk by lowering your immunity. This is why it’s said that people who have better sleep patterns are less likely to fall ill and more likely to develop great immunity against fighting diseases. On the other hand, people who sleep less are almost three times likely to succumb to infections. So, if you are someone who’s always affected by cold, try to get into the habit of sleeping for at least 8 hours, as this could help improve your chances of fighting against those bacteria.

Reduces Inflammation

People who have irregular sleep timings have the highest possibility of suffering from inflammation. Inflammation is a physical condition in which a person’s skin gets hot, reddened and swollen. If people continue with their irregular sleep patterns, then they are more at risk of getting affected by Arthritis and Periodontitis.

Less Affected Emotions

People who are not able to get the most out of their sleep are found to be less interactive on social grounds. In fact, they hardly take part in any of the social activities happening in their surrounding and mostly remain isolated from others. According to a study conducted amongst sleep deprived people, it was found that they were poor at identifying expressions of anger and happiness.

Lose Fat

Did you know you burn calories not only when you are working out but also when you are sleeping? We bet that you will be more at ease after knowing the fact that sleeping does not make you fat (you are all smiles, we can certainly see that!). So, unless you are trying to gain some weight, we recommend that you don’t avoid your afternoon nap. But don’t make it too long, as you might not feel sleepy at night.

Less Depression

You may not have noticed it, but the major cause of depression is most probably your sleep deprivation. Even a small amount of it can steal away your happiness leaving you on the edge! Due to this, you might lose your enthusiasm and sad and empty all time. People suffering from insomnia are 10 times likely to suffer from depression and 17 times more prone to anxiety. But, a quality sleep will definitely help you raise your mood and keep you high in spirits!

Increased Creativity

A person who is not active can never be creative. But, when you have a good night’s  sleep, it ensures that you have better decision making abilities and are able to get your creative juices flowing! Apart from that, it will also improve your perceptive abilities helping you to understand things around you better. It will boost your creativity making you come up with innovative solutions that never crossed your mind even while you are taking a bath.

So, now that you are aware about the effects of lack of sleep, we hope that you are looking forward to switch on your designer radiator (of course, to create a cosy environment!); get into your bed and get a sound sleep that makes you drool!

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