Why You Are Losing Your Hair And How to Fix it

For most women their hair is their pride and glory. Whether it is short, long, grey or jet-black, most women spend considerable time, money and effort to care for and maintain their hair. Despite all this, many of us today find themselves suffering from hair loss. While some hair loss is natural, a heavy hair loss is always a matter of concern. Apart from aesthetics, hairless can also be a symptom for some other health condition.

The good news is that barring some health conditions, hair loss is not irreversible. You can control and then promote your hair growth and thickness with a mix of good diet and practices. There are clinics that specialise in such treatments. PCD pharma company in India today offer a host of products that can help you in treating hair loss. But why does hair loss occur? There can be many reasons behind this.

How to stop my hair from falling out and thinning, How to stop hair falling out

1. Genetic

Although its effect is more common among men, women can also be affected. Androgentic alopecia, known more popularly as male pattern baldness can be passed on by both sides of the family. This is why we see that baldness often runs in a family.

2. Age

Hair fall with age is natural and inevitable. With age our hair gets finer. Menopause can also trigger hair loss in women. Those who are close to or going through menopause often experience high hair fall.

3. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones regulate many functions in our body and when they go out of whack, it effects all these functions. Hormones like oestrogen are responsible for hair growth cycles, certain other hormones like androgens shorten this cycle. An excess of androgens and less oestrogen can, therefore, cause hair loss.

4. Anaemia

Iron is one of the essential mineral that our body needs for proper cell production, including our hair follicles. Deficiency of iron can lead to many complications, including hair loss. To counter this, one can take iron supplements from pcd pharma company in India.

5. Stress

Being emotionally distressed or anxious can actually cause physical changes like hair loss. It can spark off eating problems and digestive disorders, which effect the health of the scalp. It can ever trigger dandruff. Stress is also shown to raise androgen levels, which contribute to hair loss.

6. Thyroid Imbalance

Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause hair loss. The thyroid is one of the important glands of our body that controls metabolism. Its imbalance, therefore, effects the protein production in the body, which in turn effects the hair follicles.

7. Weight Loss

Hair, like other organs in our body depends on good nutrition. A weight loss often means nutrient deficiency. That is why we often see that a dramatic hair loss is often accompanied with hair loss.

8. Exposure to chemicals

Some chemicals used in many hair treatment like hair colouring, are quite harsh. Over exposure to such chemicals make the hair brittle. One can try Ayurvedic alternatives to such products. For instance, instead of the usual chemical-laden shampoos and hair colour, use formulations from pcd pharma companies in india.

Ayurvedic Tips To Reduce Hair Loss

In Ayurveda the well-being of our hair is closely related to our overall health. Good hair is a reflection of good health. Hair loss is linked to problems with metabolism that come from an unbalanced pitta dosha. Some of the herbs, fruits and other elements that can help in reducing hair loss are:

1. Bhringraj

Take a bhringraj oil massage at least thrice a week. Bhringraj helps in restricting hair loss and is considered effective in reversing baldness. It is a cool oil. It’s massage can also help in curing insomnia.

2. Neem

It is effective in treating conditions that trigger hair loss like scaliness, dandruff, psoriasis dryness, eczema, and excessive sebum. You can buy neem oil from any ayurvedic store or make a paste with neem leaves and use it as a hair mask.

3. Shikakai

Harsh chemicals in shampoos can trigger hair loss. Instead, you can use shikakai, which literally means ‘fruit for hair’. It is a rich source of anti-oxidants for hair that actually helps in making it healthier. On combining with water, it has a lather which makes it ideal for washing hair. You can combine it with ritha for an even more effective solution.

Once you learn the cause of your hair fall, you can try some of these home remedies to get rid of hair fall and to have strong and shiny hair.

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