What Is Martial Arts GI and Do You Need to Wear One

What is Martial Arts GI

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A GI or more commonly known as martial arts uniform is traditional wear that is worn during martial arts. It consists of pants and a jacket that is usually complemented with a cloth belt. They are available in different colors, qualities, and of course sizes. Basically, it was created as a uniform for martial arts students with an aim that it would bring uniformity, discipline, and deduct ego, which it did. Initially, a heavy cotton cloth that could take the beating was chosen. You can grab your favorite GIs and BJJ gear, in fact, any other martial arts gear from the link. Did you know that BJJ GI is a modified form of judo? Next time you put a GI on or see it think about it.

Why to wear a GI?

In some martial arts it was used to get a hold of and throwing or grabbing techniques. Thick and heavy to make them durable, then made lightweight for better agility and speed. But why to wear them, the following are the reasons.

  • Reminder: Wearing it is a constant reminds that it is training not your home or work so, it’s time to focus and work. This is when you set the world aside and focus.
  • Uniformity and discipline: First, it tells everyone’s ranks and progress, tells who is who and when you know you must respect the person.
  • Commitment: When the uniform is of value to you the commitment level rises and with that respect and hunger for martial arts increases.
  • Practicality: They are comfortable and reliable made to withstand it all while keeping you comfortable. Because of this we can train, focus for better and longer.

Why GI is important

We see uniforms everywhere police, army, security, schools, so why not martial arts. There is a reason why uniforms are important and why it is important to wear them.


If your dojo, gym, or master gives you the uniform, you would feel great right? Similarly, as you go up the ranks change in belts feels awesome giving you a sense of achievement. Check out this wholesale program and benefits it has to offer if you are looking to buy some GI or gear.


It represents a community; you would not be wearing them outside the dojo or gym but still, it represents. Help stand you out in a crowd and tell about what the community is about and who are you.


Of course, there is a demand for uniforms by the dojo. Firstly, because it is a tradition, second it brings uniformity and discipline.


Wearing a uniform for martial arts gives you relieve from deciding what to wear every day. Now, all you must worry is about keeping that GI clean and fresh. In addition, you’ll save a lot of money that otherwise would be spent on buying clothes for the dojo.

A sense of belonging

Everyone wearing the same GI every day gives them a sense of belonging when they see everyone wearing the same GI. It is not easy to achieve otherwise.


As mentioned, people in one class wear the same GI, as you climb up the ranks the belt changes. This brings more sense of equality and understanding.

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