Understanding Implants and Periodontics

Understanding Implants and Periodontics

Going to the dentist is a hassle for anyone, but when people don’t take proper care of their teeth, extensive issues arise. Along with the potential for pain, there is a chance that your gums become too weak to support your teeth. In this case, you’re going to need dental implants, but what options are out there for you?

What Are the Best Implant Options?

While there are several options for implants, many people choose the all on 4 dental implants. This type of implant is noted for a permanent and screw-retained replacement for an entire row of your teeth. This means that for anyone who needs to have multiple teeth replaced at once, the all on 4 dental implants allow for you to completely replace and fix your smile at once.

There are a few reasons for this option’s popularity. Notably, this method allows you to rapidly improve your quality of life. You can go from having painful and challenging problems in your mouth to completing weeks’ worth of treatment in just one day. Spending less time in treatment is also important, as this means you have to take less time off from work and have more time to yourself. This will even cost you less money. This is because there are going to be fewer procedures performed than if you’re going in to have one tooth replaced at a time. Finally, this procedure is more stable than simply having one or two teeth replaced at a time. This is because they’re anchored into the gums better than one or two replaced teeth would be.

What Are Periodontics?

One common reason why people need implants is that they’re suffering from a periodontics issue. Periodontal disease is one that affects the gums. An infection of the gums impacts their ability to support teeth and other tissue. However, it’s often not a painful issue. This means that it can go untreated for a long time, creating bigger issues than if it was treated appropriately and early. This is why so many people turn to Central Texas Periodontics, where they can receive expert treatment for infections and inflammation of their gums. They offer an extensive list of options, including their all on 4 dental implants in severe cases when implants are needed.

For more information on all 4 dental implants and periodontics, please contact Central Texas Periodontics to set up an appointment today.

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