Tips on Choosing a Cocktail Dress

Tips on Choosing a Cocktail Dress

Choosing a black cocktail dress for an upcoming ball is more than just picking the right size and style. There are some other things you should consider before making your final decision.

Below are some tips for choosing a cocktail dress.

Your Body Type

Your body type is an important factor in choosing the right dress for you. Dresses suitable for shorter women can look frumpy on taller women with bigger busts. In addition, dresses designed to draw attention toward a large bust might be unflattering on petite or short-waisted frames.

The Occasion

The occasion you buy a black cocktail dress also plays a role in determining the right style. If it is your wedding, you want to wear something timeless and appropriate to wear as a married woman. Meanwhile, if it is just an evening out with friends, buying something more eye-catching might be in order.

The Color of the Dress

When choosing a cocktail dress, you must consider your coloring and body type and the undertones in your skin and hair color. Women with very pale complexions with almost white-blonde hair look great in stark contrasts such as black and white or reds and oranges. The chances are that if you love a black cocktail dress, then it is a color that will suit you best.

The Fit of the Dress

It is important to have a dress that will flatter your figure and not be too revealing for an event where you will be seated most of the time. A cocktail dress is typically shorter than most formal dresses. However, it does not mean it cannot fit well or have some shape. Choose a dress that fits well over the bust and is tailored to fit your waist.

It is not easy to choose a black cocktail dress. Well, you can always go for the old safe black dress so you know that it will go with anything else that you might wear at the same time. However, there are many different styles and looks available in these types of dresses.

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