Tips for Eating Healthier

Diet and Exercise Tips

There are many ways to eat healthier that do not involve following restrictive fad diets.

Increase Protein

Your body needs protein to build muscle and help break down other nutrients. It’s important to eat a diet high in protein especially if you are physically active. Eating protein before and after a workout can boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories while you lose fat and build muscle. Try eating more food high in protein or drinking a protein shake. Fish and seafood like jumbo shrimp Plano contain high amounts of protein as well as other lean meats and dairy products.

Eat More Greens

Dark, leafy greens are another important part of any healthy diet because they are loaded with vitamins. Try adding things like kale, spinach, microgreens, and collard greens to your plate every day. Different varieties may taste more bitter than others. You can find dark, leafy greens all year round. They can be used in things like salads, tacos, or even soups. These kinds of vegetables are not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also contain high amounts of fiber. This will not only help your body digest food but better absorb the nutrients from it.

Drink Water

With proper hydration, your body can better digest food, absorb nutrients, flush out bacteria, and protect your organs. It’s important to drink several cups of water throughout the day to reach your recommended water intake goal. The more you move around and sweat, the more water you will need to replenish your body. You can also cut out extra sugars by drinking more water. Juices and sodas are often full of hidden calories and made with a ton of sugar. Try sticking to natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup when you need to sweeten something.

With these simple tips, you can begin eating healthier without having to follow a restrictive diet.

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