Must See Photo: This Is Your Uterus On Your Period

Uterus during period

I gave my co-workers three chances to guess what these sculptures represent. No, it’s not a Barbapapa family. It’s not a stress ball. And it’s not a soap stone either.

These are life-sized replicas of the non-menstruating uterus (white) and the menstruating uterus, your uterus on period. We kid  you not. Ever since we saw this  image, we haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

So now if you wonder why you’re feeling bloated, heavy, and like your uterus is weighed down like a canon ball, look at this photo. Our bodies are doing some crazy stuff. You have the right to take it slow, these are your inside uterus during period. Your uterus just doubled in size.

The Jocelyn Centre in Sydney, Australia created these fabulous visual aids, and the photo comes courtesy Apples and Ovaries.

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