Surprising 14 Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

Health benefits of lemon juice are more than just what people know. Most people are not aware of the importance of lemon juice in our daily diet. Adding flavor to foods and meals is one reason people love the fruit. The fruits are also useful for treating and dealing with ailments. Let’s take a look at these 14 tremendous health benefits of lemon juice when include in our daily diet:

health benefits of lemon juice

1. Prevention of Kidney Stones

Lemon if taken is known to raise the levels of citrate in urine Research have shown that the action reduces the possibility or likelihood of suffering from kidney stones. The kidney remains healthy.

2. Soothe a Sore Throat

Lemon is used to treat a sore throat. It is advisable to mix the lemon with some amount of honey. The mixture is effective in removal or reduction of discomforts caused by a sore throat.

3. Support Weight Loss

Use of lemon in meals or drinks is a good and essential method of helping you lose or shed some weight. If you are struggling in the efforts of losing weight, include lemons in drinks as juice or as salad while taking meals. It is advisable to add lemon to drinking water and take regularly.

4. Start Your Day Right

Having fresh water mixed with some juice from the lemon in the morning is a good way for you to start the day. Add the juice to some hot water to stimulate the body’s digestive system as this also adds important Vitamin C into the system.

5. Aids in Digestion

The elimination of waste from the body is more quickly if one includes a glass of lemon juice in their meals. It also aids in digestion.

6. Anti- Cancer Properties

Research indicates that there is a link between the citrus properties of the lemon and prevention of cancer. The citrus prevents and also protects the body cell and avoids damage that is likely to cause the growth, formation or development of cancer cells.

7. Bring Down a Fever

When the temperature in the body rise, it is good to take or drink a glass of water with lemon. Drinking a glass of water with lemon is healthy and can help in the reduction or bringing down of the fever.

8. Balancing Ph

We may think that the acidity of the lemons can be of harm to the body. It is surprising, however, to note that the lemon in the stomach or the body provides an alkaline effect that aids in the reduction of acidity in the stomach and thus aids in balancing the Ph.

9. Detoxification Agent

The lemon is one among the many foods that have detoxification effects on the body. The body on the intake of lemon or lemon juice can easily release or get rid of the toxins in the body. The cells thus get relieved. The cells can perform functions faster and better when the body detoxifies. Drinking water with lemon or eating lemons salad in meals is helpful in ensuring the body detoxifies.

10. Potassium Power

Lemons have minerals too that are essential in the body. Potassium is one of the components in the lemon. The lemon has abilities to provide the mineral just like the bananas. The two fruits can be used in meals interchangeably for the purpose of providing potassium to the body for use.

11. Stop an Itch

If one suffers after insect bites, lemon can be a remedy or used in first aid. Soothing the area by applying lemon juice is a good remedy or first-aid plan. The lemon has effects that are positive on healing and reduction of the itch as it has the anti- inflammatory effects. It also has the aesthetic impact on the itchy part of the skin as it reduces pain.

12. Richness in Vitamin C

Together with the oranges, the lemon is rich in the vitamin. The vitamin has several health benefits for the body. It is known to reduce and prevent the occurrence of deficiency diseases in the body for example scurvy. Lemons thus need to be taken more times as they are healthy and helpful for the body in acting as a shield against diseases.

13. Treating Heart Burns

Making a solution with lemon is a good or better natural remedy for assisting you deal or do away with heart burns. Using the lemon together with meals is advisable to help prevent the heartburns from causing you disturbance after meals. They reduce the heartburn by altering the acidic nature in the stomach that causes the problem.

14. Encourages production of Bile

The lemon is good for the effect of improving or enhancing the production of bile. The digestive juice is vital in food digestion in the stomach.


The name super food is right for the lemon because the fruit has several uses. Including the fruit in meals regularly ensures we benefit from the nutrients in the fruit and its other health benefits of lemon juice mentioned in the article. It is a natural remedy or cure for several ailments as it does not contain chemicals. It is advisable to take the fruit after cutting it into slices or squeezing to make juice.

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