Sports Popular Across the Globe That Can Help You To Stay Fit

A fundamental reason for playing sports is to stay fit and maintain your health. There are different kinds of sports which people from different parts of the world participate in in to maintain their physical fitness.

However, there are some people who prefer to invest their time in sports that are unique or have an interesting exercise routine involved in it.

For instance, some people prefer going to Zumba sessions instead of going to the gym. Similarly, there are various different sports that you can opt for and some of them are discussed here.

#1. Cycling in the Netherlands

If you ever happen to visit the city of Amsterdam then you will notice a lot of bicycles lined up alongside every lane and canal. Cycling is used as a primary means of transportation by one-third of the Dutch population as they try to include fitness in their lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, the Netherlands has the highest number of bicycles per capita in the world. To add to it, the increase in number of lanes connecting cities and towns have been boosted by the use of cycles. This growing network has resulted in an increase in the number of purchases of bikes and cycles.

#2. Oil Wrestling in Turkey

If Google searches are anything to go by then Turkish oil wrestling is definitely a hot topic of discussion online. A wrestler has to douse himself in olive oil before he grapples with an opponent.

An annual tournament is held in the city of Edirne and even though the whole concept sounds fantastical, let me assure you that it is very real. This tournament has enjoyed considerable audience participation for nearly 650 years.

#3. Running in Kenya and Mexico

Running is one activity that is popular worldwide. But there are some specific nations where this activity enjoys considerable popularity. Kalenjin which is a tribe in the Rift Valley in western Kenya and the Tarahumara another native tribe in north-western

Mexico are famous for their long-distance running skills.

This activity gained recognition and public attention through Christopher McDougall’s 2009 best-selling book-Born to Run. This book brought fame to Tarahumara and also built curiosity amongst sports enthusiasts about the craze for barefoot running.

There is a belief that Kalenjin runners are genetically blessed with thin calves which gives them a crucial advantage for running. And this is a fundamental reason why they rule in the world’s long-distance races.

#4. Climbing in Nepal

In 2014, an avalanche killed almost 16 Sherpas followed by an earthquake in April 2015 which destroyed the Everest base camp to a large extent. However, the Nepalese have turned out to be the rising stars with climbers like Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita and her female Sherpa team.  They received fame for reaching some high-profile summits like K2 and the Everest.

There are several other unsung heroes of Mt. Everest who are commonly referred to as the Sherpas. The term actually stands for an ethnic native group residing in the mountainous areas of Nepal. They are tough and have expertise when it comes to climbing high altitudes with ease. They optimally use this skill by being guides to most climbers and earn a living out of it.

#5. Dance in Latin America

Latin dance is believed to one of the world’s most exhilarating dance forms which is also a great way to stay fit. Salsa in Cuba, Tango in Buenos Aires, Cha-cha, rumba and samba are some other dance forms which help you to develop endurance, rhythm and body awareness.

Besides, these dance forms are considered to be the best option for a great cardio. A secret to stay fit is to blend a fitness activity effortlessly with your social life.

#6. Surfing in Polynesia

About 3000 years ago, a fisherman in western Polynesia discovered the trick to riding waves with a wooden board as a means to reach the shore. From this, one can say that surfing is one of the world’s oldest sports. However, some people believe that it was discovered earlier in Peru.

As a matter of fact, the sport has evolved over the years and there are several competitions and events held worldwide which you can participate in. You won’t be surprised to know the fact that this sport has marked its presence from Hawaii to Fiji and even beyond that, and have attracted about 35 million surfers across the globe.
Surfers need excellent core strength, flexibility, finesse and endurance to paddle for hours at end.  

This combination reminds me of F1 racing, and a memorable expedition of formula one driving simulator which I had been a part of. Maybe you can find your own preferred activity that can simulate the thrill and excitement of the sports mentioned above.

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