Running at Night – Why and How?

According to a research carried out by scientists at the University of South Carolina in 2006 the opinion that working out close to bed time can disrupt sleep is a myth. Actually, people who were included in the research reported that people who practiced evening jogging or exercising had better sleep quality and were far more rested when they woke up the next morning.

Outdoor fitness, or running, during evening hours is especially preferred by those who feel more energy during late hours. Furthermore, people can avoid scorching sun rays and experience more benefits while jogging at night after the heat starts to disappear.

Safety concerns

If you choose to implement running at night as a regular practice, you should be aware of all safety precautions. The best way to avoid any dangerous situations is to start with a shorter trail and get to know the surroundings better. Furthermore, taking a torch with you is also a good idea. Another thing you should also be aware of is that the visibility is limited. Therefore, wearing reflective clothing is recommended for late runners. It helps drivers to notice runners from the far. It is also not very smart to go through problematic neighborhoods alone at night.


According to Shawn D. Youngstedt, Ph.D., professor of exercise science at the University of South Carolina, due to certain physiological factors like body temperature and the release of crucial hormones linked to boost of energy, late running is more convenient for people who function better at night.

More recent studies have shown that working out during late hours increases sleeping times and also boosts better quality of sleep. Moreover, it reduces the number of times you wake up during your sleep. Therefore, the opinion that working out late can influence your sleeping habit by giving you insomnia is a myth.

In addition, among the other amazing benefits of exercising in the evening hours are that muscular strength increases during this time. Furthermore, oxygen uptake and use is improved during later hours. In conclusion, when your body is better warmed up, supplied with essential nutrients and in a better overall condition, it is more prepared and benefits more from the exercise.

However, you better leave some time between working out and bedtime, since your body needs to recover and get ready to rest before sleeping.

So, those of you who can’t find the time for a decent workout during the day because of the many daily obligations, now you can motivate yourself with all the benefits running at night has to offer. It is more convenient and you can benefit from it far more than expected.

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