How To Set Up a Rehabilitation Center?

How To Set Up a Rehabilitation Center

Drug abuse and alcoholism have become real threats in today’s world, with even a larger population of young people engaging in them. However, many entrepreneurs with both a business spirit and the desire to help people have opened several rehab institutions globally, such as at . If your philanthropic spirit and business mind are directing you towards opening your rehab center, this article will give you clear guidance.

What You Should Know

Running a rehab center is not like operating a restaurant where customers come in unannounced. You need to have intense knowledge of how to set up and keep your recovery institution operational and profitable. Here are a few details you should never forget when setting up a rehab;

Rehab Type

The type of center you want to operate depends on what is needed in your location and what treatment level you wish to offer. If you want a full continuum institution, you must consider offering services such as medical detox, inpatient residential accommodation, Intensive Outpatient Program, and Partial Hospitalization Program (IOP and PHP). However, you can also go for a simpler residential rehab depending on the local area’s needs.


You will need to have workers in your institution – you cannot serve the addicts alone. If you want to go big, you will need psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors. You will also need to recruit, interview, and choose other staff members, such as cleaners and cooks. Moreover, think about any training the staff you hire will need and how you will remunerate your employees according to your budget.

Acquiring Licensure

Running a recovery institution is not different from running any other business. You need to acquire the necessary licenses associated with opening a business in the addicted sector. The program structure in your facility and your Policy & Procedures Manual determine the type of license you need. If you miss any significant steps in your P&P or have the wrong documentation, the license board will reject your application. You will have to wait before reapplying, and that could delay your business.


This is a vital factor to remember when you want to set up a rehab center. Accreditations are not commonly recommended, but they are required when entering the drug abuse and alcoholism treatment field. They are necessary because if you are not accredited, any patient you admit in your center will not pay for the services you offer.


Opening and running a treatment center costs money. Therefore, in your business plan, you must understand some of the essential grants that will support the facility. Fortunately, today there is a wide variety of business funding that you can access. They include SBA loans, bank loans, and alternative lenders. You can even think of crowdfunding or asking for financial help from friends and family. If the process of acquiring business funding seems overwhelming, you can always procure the services of a financial expert.


The final and most important thing to remember when starting a business in drug abuse treatment is marketing. You have seen so many posts about different rehabs, explaining their services and where they are located. Making people know about your facility will increase the number of patients you admit, consequently increasing the profits. There are different ways to spread the word about your rehab center. Some of the best marketing strategies are word of mouth and leveraging social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Opening a drug abuse treatment facility is an idea that can offer substantial help to many addicts. However, the journey can be tricky if you do not have the right strategies. The points discussed above are pivotal for starting, running, and being successful in your facility.

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