How to Improve Your Gut Health

Did you know that your body is home millions of microbes? Not just that, they are actually essential for your own health and wellbeing. Many of these — fungi, bacteria and even virus — are important to us in many ways. These microbes help the immune system, help us digest food, extract energy from it, remove toxins and even producing a feel-good chemical! But there are also bad bacteria can upset the balance and make us sick.

You may not feel the good bacteria, but know when the bad guys have the upper hand. Most of our gastric problems — gas, bloating, diarrhea, and stomach pain — is because of an unhealthy gut. If you feel all these symptoms, you have an unhealthy gut. Gut imbalance can lead from mild irritation to serious conditions like autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances, and chronic fatigue. Your remedy will be to take some medication from a PCD pharma in Ahmedabad. But as a wise man said, prevention is better than cure!

So, here are a few tips on maintaining good gut health:

Eat Different Types of Food

There are many kinds of microbes in your gut and each has a role to play. The diverse range of bacteria is, therefore, quite necessary and this actually comes from the kind of food you eat. So, eat different types of food around you. Most of us tend to stick to just a few vegetables, meats and fruits. But, the solution is to eat a very diverse range. So, next time you visit your vegetable vendor, pick a bit of everything.

Eat Food with Fibre

Food high in fibre is the main food for some of the crucial bacteria in your gut. Fibre stimulates their growth and, in turn, keeps your gut teeming with this good bacteria. So, where do you get this dose of fibre? Fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. These are food rich in fibre and every team you load your plates with these, remember that you are also feeding the good bacteria.

Some high fibre vegetables include broccoli, beats, sweet potato, and string beans. Legumes like chickpeas, rajma, split peas are full of fibre. Fruits rich in fibre include apples, peaches, pears, banana, fig, prunes and berries. Whole grains are loaded with fibres and much better for your health than refined versions. So, choose atta instead of maida or a whole wheat pasta instead of your regular pasta.

Take a Good Probiotic

Probiotic is fermented milk that contains Lactobacilli. Today you can easily get a probiotic drink at your local supermarket. Many PCD pharma in Ahmedabad offer probiotic-based formulation to treat stomach upsets. This is preferable to harsh medicines that harm your gut. Probiotics instead treat a stomach bug by strengthening the good bacteria. Many health specialists today recommend that you take daily probiotics to maintain good gut health.

Avoid Certain Food

Just as some foods are good for the gut, there are also food that can harm its health, such as inflammatory food, alcohol, drugs and caffeine. Inflammatory foods create a bad environment for bacteria growth and development. These include gluten, eggs, sugar, and dairy.  These are foods that form common food allergies. To see if these will cause inflammatory reactions in your body, remove these foods for a week and see the result. Alcohol and drugs are also irritants that hurt your gut health.

Avoid Overuse of Antibiotics

Today you can easily buy antibiotics from any PCD pharma in Ahmedabad. Antibiotics work by killing the bad bacteria. That may sound like good news, but the trouble is that antibiotics cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria and end up killing them both. So, avoid them whenever possible. Never take antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription and always finish a full course.

Eat Fermented food

Studies have shown that fermented food help bacteria by encouraging their growth, while reducing the bad bacteria from the gut. Yogurt, in particular, is found to be extremely effective. It not only encourages the good bacteria, it also inhibits the harmful effect of inflammatory food. But avoid flavored yogurt which is full of sugar. Plain yogurt is the preferred choice here.

Taking care of our gut is necessary for our overall health. So, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, avoid inflammatory food and take yogurt or probiotic from PCD pharma in Ahmedabad everyday.

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