How To Get Into Shooting Competitions

How To Get Into Shooting Competitions

If you are a gun enthusiast and love the outdoors, shooting in an indoor gun range may become boring and redundant after several years of monthly outings. By zeroing targets and completing shooting drills, your skills have improved, and your techniques are better than they once were, so why are you still shooting at paper? Now is the time to see how much you have improved by pitting yourself against other shooters at a new range. Competitive shooting involves running around an area and blasting targets or experiencing new challenges as you master a new skill. Here is how to get into competitive shooting events.

1. Find a Location

Many companies put on shooting competitions, but the place most people start is the NRA. Check out what the group has listed, and their website may send you off to a paper or steel competition near where you are.

2. Choose a Category

Different matches feature different firearms, and you must choose which you will use. Although almost any pistol will work on the five targets in a standard challenge, there are also speed shooting events, precision shooting, and moving target actions.

3. Locate a Holster

You may have a concealed carry holster you love for your firearm, but if you are going to participate in competitive events, you will require competition holsters for your guns to give you an edge. If you choose to compete in the International Defense Pistol events, the need for a concealed competition holster is essential.

4. Buy the Essentials

Don’t forget your eye protection, earplugs, and sunblock if you are going to compete outdoors. Bring along a backpack with water, food, and an extra gun if you have it. Most importantly, bring a hat that fits and will keep the sun out of your eyes.

If you want to try your hand at competitive shooting events, use these tips to prepare for the big day. No matter how well you shoot, one competition will never be enough.

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