How Can I Improve The Appearance Of My Teeth?

How Can I Improve The Appearance Of My Teeth

Depending on the type of improvement you’re looking for, there are so many treatments to choose from. Let’s say, though, that the damage to your teeth is causing you no pain, no further dental problems and you want a fix purely for aesthetic reasons. Would your next step be to go to the dentist, or are you likely to think the dentist can’t help? Don’t worry, most people would automatically go towards the latter, too. Despite the growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry, there are still those who believe that the only treatments you can find at your dental clinic are to help with dental and oral hygiene, but that really isn’t the case. Take, for example, composite bonding Harley Street, a quick treatment that can help to massively improve the appearance of your teeth, even if there is no dental reason to want it!

Why should I get this treatment?

Just because a damaged or chipped tooth doesn’t pose a serious threat to your dental health, it doesn’t mean there are no dangers at all. Your self-confidence and mental health can take a massive hit from something like this – especially when a smile is so important within today’s society. From first impressions to making friends and even making those around you feel at ease, you can say that the smile is one of the great skills in life. It is entirely possible that your school, work and personal life may suffer from a damaged smile, especially if your self-esteem has only gotten worse!

Why should I get this treatment

How it works

There are many reasons why you should consider this kind of bonding for your teeth. If you damaged or chipped teeth, to improve discolouration, to close gaps between your teeth, to change the shape of your teeth and even to protect any exposed nerve or root. The treatment is also quite simple to understand, but it is extremely important that you ask your dentist all the questions you need answered. It is better to go into the treatment with a head full of knowledge, so if you notice anything concerning, you can raise the red flag! The treatment begins with some preparation, including any anaesthesia needed if your teeth need drilling. Your dentist will then pick a shade of resin that matches the rest of your teeth, so no one will know! Once the bonding agent is applied to a freshly roughed-up tooth, your dentist will move and shape into the desired position. Each tooth can take around 60 minutes to complete!

The benefits

There are many benefits to this treatment, but it might be good to know that the treatment can be used side by side with teeth whitening options! You can have your teeth whitened first, then the resin used to cover any damages to your teeth. This can then be matched to your newly white teeth, resulting in a completely new smile!

Your confidence and self-esteem will almost immediately get better. No longer will you have to worry about wandering eyes or losing out on opportunities because of the damage to your teeth. How great does that sound? A smile you deserve!

The bondings are completely customisable. You will have a full pick of how you want your new teeth to look, or you can allow your dentist to use their experience and get the most desired result!

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