Flash Your Winning Smile in Brooklyn

Flash Your Winning Smile in BrooklynTalomg care of your teeth is important to good health. Regular dental checkups and cleanings should be a part of everyone’s healthcare routine. But for Brooklynites who want that dazzling set of pearly whites, a visit to a cosmetic dentist might be just the ticket. Let’s look at some of things these specialists can do.

Whitening Teeth

There is only so much toothpaste can do to whiten teeth. To get that movie star smile, you might want to visit a Park Slope cosmetic dentist. Whitening teeth is one of the most common and least expensive procedures performed by cosmetic dentists. Many of your favorite foods and beverages can stain teeth, leaving them less than white over time. Smoking also can discolor your teeth. After a thorough cleaning, teeth can be treated with a bleach to make them a brilliant shade of white.


Another procedure a cosmetic dentist can perform is putting a crown on a tooth. A tooth that has decayed or been damaged can be fitted with a crown to protect it and keep it from weakening and falling apart. Crowns can also be used to give a pleasing shape and white color to a less-than-perfect tooth. Also know as a cap, a crown can cover a root canal or filling.


A veneer is a thin, porcelain or ceramic shell that a cosmetic dentist can bond to a patient’s tooth. Some enamel is removed to allow the veneer to adhere. Veneers are customized for the patient to match their real teeth. This is another way a cosmetic dentist can brighten up a smile.

A good smile depends upon healthy teeth. Nothing can replace regular brushing, flossing and dental appointments. If you would like to have that flashy, white, Hollywood smile, you may need some help from a cosmetic dentist.

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