Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

Living with decayed, gapped, or missing teeth can be embarrassing, inconvenient, and limiting. The creative cosmetic dentistry in Gainesville takes back the function and appearance of your natural teeth. The treatment can correct nearly all deficiencies in your smile. Cosmetic dentistry has proven that dental clinics do more than helping in pulling out teeth. Dentists traditionally and primarily focus on dental health, assessing possible dental infections, and monitoring oral hygiene. Cosmetic dentistry aims at giving your mouth, teeth, and smile an outstanding appearance.

Some cosmetic procedures commonly performed include dental binding, closure of gaps, cheek and lip injections, fillings, tooth whitening, orthodontics, and dental implants. Through one or a combination of cosmetic treatments, well-trained, qualified, and experienced cosmetic dentists transform your teeth and mouth to help you get a brighter and whiter smile.

In case this is your first time hearing about cosmetic dentistry, here are some things you need to know:

There are different ways to improve your cosmetics

Dental practitioners can offer varying treatment options that have unique advantages and disadvantages. With this in mind, your dentist should guide you on the appropriate approach based on your condition. Ensure you understand what the procedures entail before you undergo cosmetic treatment. Confirm that the practitioner has selected the best option for you.

Various factors make up a good smile

Smiling is more than having good teeth. Other different aspects are important in smiling. For example, the structure and shape of your face, bite, lips, and the gum’s positioning around your teeth. For example, some people have gums at varying levels in the front teeth. As a result, some teeth appear longer while some are shorter. To correct such a situation, a cosmetic dentist has to assess the situation before giving any form of treatment.

It is vital to assess the gum tissue

You should be keen on the health of your gum. Before any dental procedure by a cosmetic dentist, ensure that the professional evaluates your gum tissues. In case you have gum infections, you must get treated before undertaking any cosmetic procedure. Neglecting the assessment of your gum tissues and treatment may lead to results that are compromised or receiving dental treatment that does not provide a long-term solution.

Cosmetic restorations can lead to a bad bite

When your lower and upper teeth do not fit together appropriately, you may get chipped teeth in your front mouth. As a result, you may experience grinding and clenching. In addition, damaging your natural teeth means that you can easily destroy dental restorations placed in your teeth if the problems with biting are not resolved. For this reason, ensure your choice of a cosmetic dentist should be a professional who knows the benefit of the bite in the success of the cosmetic treatment provided.

Dentists are different

Just like any other field, the dental field has varying skill levels. However, the majority of dentists enjoy themselves and are good in certain areas. Considering the value importance of cosmetic dentistry, it is vital to get an experienced professional who understands the need to help you get a beautiful smile.

In the digital age, patients with a damaged tooth structure no longer depend on metals to replace decayed teeth. Instead, dental practitioners use advanced and high dentistry porcelain materials and composite resins to fill cavities. The materials used in modern dentistry resemble the feel, look, and purpose of natural teeth. Implants are used to substitute broken or missing teeth, stained teeth, and badly shaped dental veneer masks. Teeth whitening procedures give your teeth an improved look while gap bonding seals the pockets between embarrassing teeth.

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