Ever Tried A Kitchen Workout To Stay Fit?

It is said that, ‘health is wealth’ and we often try our best to stick to a healthy routine. We live a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious and home-cooked food. Eating a healthy meal alone won’t ensure that you have a fit body. You also have to physically strain your body to shed off those unnecessary fats.

In order to stay fit, you need to adapt a combination of healthy eating habits and regular physical exercise. There is a high possibility that your busy work schedule restricts you form hitting the gym on a regular basis. But, you can always think of exercising at home or while doing some of your daily chores.

One of the things you can do is to exercise in your kitchen while preparing your meals.

Does that sound weird?

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It won’t, once you check the exercises that you can easily carry out while cooking your meals. In fact, you will be glad that you got to know about this interesting yet unique way of exercising.

Discussed below are some exercises which you can include in your kitchen workout –

Cupboard Step-ups

For this exercise you need a small stepping stool which shouldn’t be higher than knee height. The first step is to lift your right foot on the stool and then bring the left foot up in such a way that you stand erect at the top of the stool.

Then step back down with your left foot first on the ground followed by your right foot on the ground. Repeat this stepping-up exercise with the right foot first for about 10 times and then repeat the process with your left foot first.

This exercise works for thighs, and hips.

Bottle-up Arm Circles

This one is really simple and fun. Hold two water bottles (each bottle approximately 20 ounce or more) in both your hands. Lift your hands from the sides and keep them straight at shoulder height. Start making small circles in one direction and then repeat the same in the reverse direction.

Note that you need to make a minimum of 30 circles in one direction which means 60 circles in total. This exercise hardly takes 1-2 minutes and works best for your shoulders and upper arms.

Kitchen Push-ups

The first step is to move three feet away from your kitchen counter. The second step is to place your hands on the edge of the counter –make sure that the edge is shoulder width apart. The position of your hands should be such that they form two acute angles between you and the counter.

Keep your abs tight and change your body posture in a diagonal form. This means that your head should be nearer to the counter while your foot is at a distance of three feet. Then gradually bend your elbows and lower your chest in the direction of the counter-top.

The last step is to return to your original position. Repeat this exercise for about 10-12 times and it works best for your back, shoulders and chest.

However, this exercise is possible only if you have sufficient space in your kitchen. While redesigning your kitchen, you can ask kitchen designers to suggest a setting which offers you additional vacant space.

This way, you can carry out your kitchen work-out easily and you do not fear getting hurt.

Culinary Squats

The first step is to stand on your feet at about hip distance apart and rest your hands on the counter-top. The second step is to bend your knees but not more than 90 degrees. Let your hip move backward and your torso stay in a tilting position towards the counter with a straight back.

Press down onto the floor with your heels so that your muscle experiences reflex action. Then straighten your legs and return to your original position. Repeat these squats for about 10-15 times.

Initially, you may start by performing only 2-3 times and you can gradually increase it to 10-15.


Stand with both your feet together with an erect shoulder over your hips. Slowly lift your heels and bend your knees but make sure that your back is flat (just like you are sliding down a wall).

Open your knees to the side and form a diamond between your legs. Then squeeze your inner thighs to bring your knees together and get back to your original posture. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.

All these exercises may initially appear difficult to do. But, as you do them regularly, you learn to balance and create the right posture. This gives you a boost to increase the number of times you do a particular exercise.

Remember people, stay healthy! Stay happy!

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