Dealing With Diabetes

Dealing With Diabetes

Diabetes is a deeply destructive disease. More than poor insulin production, diabetes’ effects can be felt throughout the body. Numbered among these are neuropathy, loss of limbs, blindness, blood clots, kidney damage, heart disease and death. While the complications of diabetes can be dire, managing diabetes need not be nearly so complicated.

Eat Right

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder marked by high blood sugar. Diet is the greatest factor for regulating blood glucose levels to within a reasonable range.

While genetics are involved, Type 2 diabetes is commonly caused by obesity from too little physical exercise combined with too many fatty, starchy and sugary foods. Though there’s no standard diabetic diet, any diet will do that cuts down on such foods and leads to significant weight loss. Low-carb, high-fiber diets work best, although some carbohydrates should be regularly consumed to stabilize blood sugar and avoid unsafe fluctuations. Just as critically, diabetics must maintain consistent eating schedules.


Diabetes care Germantown TN and general self-care are closely related. Rigorous physical activity can burn off excess body fat. A diabetes specialist can help you work out a specific regimen. Further precautions are to stop smoking and restrict your alcohol usage.

Sensible lifestyle changes can mitigate the intensity of diabetes or even reverse prediabetes. However, the most important thing you can do is to study your condition and make decisions based on your knowledge.

Take Your Medicine

Along with healthy life choices, medications are used to moderate the symptoms of diabetes. Particularly for Type 1 diabetes, the most common treatment is insulin, which is generally administered at home by patients via injection or an insulin pump. Other forms respond better to oral medications such as metformin, which lowers the body’s glucose production, or another agent that controls glucose. Together with anti-diabetic drugs, additional medicines are frequently prescribed to lower patients’ blood pressures and prevent heart problems.

Left unchecked, diabetes is definitely dangerous. Nevertheless, with proper education on their disorder and modifications to their daily living, diabetics can expect to enjoy fully functional lives.

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