Craving Fried Food? Here Are Deliciously Healthy Alternatives You Should Try

We’ve all been there; there are few foods we crave more than fried food, but just because it’s all we want to eat right now doesn’t mean our craving won’t subside if we instead eat something healthier, however much our body may be rejecting that idea right now.

There are a number of effective ways to stop our food cravings, with the easiest way being to simply eat something. Now, this is, of course, a terrible option if you end up eating the fried food you were already craving, but it’s a great option if you can instead push your craving aside and eat a much healthier snack to fill you up, and make you feel good about your decision afterwards.

You can find a vast array of healthy snack recipes online, but to get you started we’ve detailed four below that will, we suspect, go down a storm with the whole family:

1. Family-Fun Rapeseed Popcorn

Though it’s possible to make your own popcorn, when you’re just looking for a snack to bring you and your kids through the afternoon it’s much easier to buy a ready-made alternative so you can place it in your microwave and have it warm and ready to eat within minutes.

Before placing your popcorn packet in the microwave you should place about a tablespoon (or more) of rapeseed oil like the kind offered by Fussels Fine Foods on the corns, rather than butter or a different type of cooking oil, as this will add a healthy flavour to your popcorn while removing the need for ingredients high in saturated fats.

2. Tomato Soup With Crusty Bread

There’s nothing like fresh tomato soup for removing all unhealthy cravings and making us feel great both internally, and externally.

The problem with most tomato soups is they use unhealthy cooking oils full of saturated fats that turn your otherwise healthy snack into something not much better than your fried alternatives. You can get around this by making your tomato soup with one tablespoon of cooking oil, as these healthier oils make a real difference not just to how much better your soup is for your body, but also how much better it tastes.

3. Tea Loaf With Fruity Banana Chips

Although tea loaf isn’t as popular as it once was, this is still a great under the radar healthy snack for both you and your kids to enjoy in place of a terribly unhealthy fried option.

Traditionally a fairly healthy snack (in comparison with some others) by itself, when you make your tea loaf with rapeseed oil instead of butter you’ll significantly increase how healthy it is, and when you place the banana chips on top you will have created a delicious, if obscure, alternative to an unhealthy fried snack.

4. Flavoursome Chicken and Rice Soup

Similar to the tomato soup snack above, when you use rapeseed oil instead of a traditional cooking oil, such as sunflower or vegetable oils, or indeed in place of butter, you can take much of the saturated fat away from your soup dish right away.

Chicken in itself is very healthy depending on how it’s served. When fried and served within batter chicken won’t do much for you, but when placed within this gorgeous soup mixture it can do no wrong.

In conclusion, we’ve all been there; there are few foods we crave more than fried food, but just because it’s all we want to eat right now doesn’t mean we can’t instead feed ourselves a healthier snack alternative, such as family-fun rapeseed popcorn, tomato soup with crusty bread, tea loaf with fruity banana chips, and flavoursome chicken and rice soup.

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