4 Common Mistakes That Lead to Running Injuries

Common Mistakes That Lead to Running Injuries

Getting injured while running can be a real bummer. Unfortunately, running is a high-impact activity that offers a number of opportunities for injury. These injuries tend to happen due to the following reasons:

1. Ignoring the Pain

If it hurts to run, that’s a cause for concern, and ignoring your pain could lead to a more serious injury. Elusive issues such as Achilles tendinopathy tend to hurt at the beginning of a running session, then taper off the further you go. The real problems crop up post-run. Letting these things go for months could lead to further tendon issues which are harder to rehabilitate.

2. Overlooking the Source

Googling something may tell you what kind of injury you have, but it won’t be able to assess you and create a plan for recovery based on your specific needs. Just knowing the name of your injury won’t help you understand why you have that injury in the first place. Taking the time to visit your local sports medicine Mississauga On facility can make all the difference. They’ll advise you on the necessary steps you need to take in order to recover properly and prevent future issues.

3. Skipping Physio Exercises

If you choose to take care of your injury and are put on an exercise regime, stick to it! These exercises may not be fun, but they are necessary. Not maintaining a routine of doing physio exercises, even after your injury has healed, may lead to further injuries down the line.

4. Neglecting Muscle Building

Keeping your focus solely on stretching without making an effort to build muscle in key areas, like the calves and adductors, puts you at risk of hurting yourself again. Since running is a high load activity, strength training is a must. A tight muscle may be a sign that it’s not strong enough for the activity you are putting it through.

Learning from these common mistakes and making sure you avoid them is the key to being a successful runner and preventing future pain.

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