Can Teenagers Get Clear Braces?

Can Teenagers Get Clear Braces

Parents doing the research on Invisalign cost London may wonder if their teenagers can get clear braces. Getting the teeth straightened is often at the top of a teenager’s to-do list, as it can affect how they feel about their appearance and impact on their general confidence. If they are reluctant or unsure about opting for the traditional style, are invisible braces an option? Why would they be a good choice for a teen?

Help to encourage greater self-confidence

The teenage years are often fraught with self-doubt and worry about one’s appearance.  Young Minds emphasises the importance of encouraging good self-esteem in young people, as the building blocks for being a happy and successful adult. Braces that are invisible can help with this. This kind of treatment for correcting misaligned teeth is virtually undetectable to others, which means that there is no need to feel self-conscious about people noticing the braces.

Can be faster

Young people are often impatient to get things done and opting for Invisalign usually means that treatment can be completed much more quickly than when choosing more traditional ways to correct the teeth. Invisible braces usually take a period of weeks or months to work, rather than years which can be the case with other options. These braces allow the teenager to get their teeth corrected in a relatively short time, so that they can then get on with the rest of their lives.

Does require discipline

It is important for the young person to bear in mind that choosing clear braces does require a degree of self-discipline. Although they offer convenience in the sense that they can be removed for eating meals, this is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. The aligners should be worn for the majority of every 24-hour period if they are to produce the desired results at the end of the treatment.

There is further discipline required when it comes to oral hygiene during the time that the braces are worn. The teeth and gums should be kept scrupulously clean; they should be brushed and flossed after each meal before re-inserting the aligners. If this is not done, the patient is at increased risk of tooth decay.

Therefore, it is worthwhile for a parent to have a discussion with their teenager about whether or not they are mentally prepared to exercise self-discipline when it comes to wearing invisible braces and maintaining good oral hygiene.

If the teenager is willing to wear their braces most of the time, and to keep their teeth and gums as clean as possible, then clear aligners can be a great option. During a time that often involves developing one’s self-confidence, this invisible means of correcting the teeth can be an ideal solution.

However, it is important to bear in mind that this kind of treatment is not necessarily suitable for every patient. A consultation with a professional to assess the position and condition of the teeth is always recommended before deciding on any course of treatment. They can advise on the best next steps to take and what kind of braces are likely to produce the results that the patient is expecting.

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