Beginner’s Guide to The Best BJJ Gear

As you start the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey of yours, as you know that this is what you want and decide on starting it. There will be a tremendous amount of gear that you can get confused and amused at the same time. As a beginner, you don’t need to buy the most expensive neither you need to buy all of available in the market. But there sure a few things that are necessary and needed. What are those things, where can you get them, how much do they cost and are they worth it? Don’t worry all these questions will be answered below. Note, this guide is for both traditional BJJ and NO-GI BJJ.

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Traditional BJJ, where you wear a GI and a belt and the relatively newer form the NO-GI are two forms of BJJ training. The name tells the story itself, in traditional BJJ uniforms are necessary while in NO-GI there are rash guards and grappling shorts.

The BJJ GI is a pair of one jacket and pants. The pants usually have an elastic waistband and drawstring pants and jacket is simple. To hold these two in place further and stand the brutality you wear a cloth belt. That also tells your rank and progress. We recommend you buy at least two pairs and wear them fresh and clean every time.

Grappling shorts

Grappling shorts are required in NO-GI as a replacement for GI pants. These shorts are of two styles loose board style and tight-fitting Vale-Tudo style that are lost and tight fitted respectively. Because these are made for BJJ training they maintain their position while allowing you to move freely. Just like the GI, there is no metal on these things either, because of safety purposes.

Compression shorts

Just like the rash guard’s compression shorts worn in place of the pants. Just like the name, these are shorts and the function is the same as rash guards. If you are not comfortable with shorts compression pants are also allowed but then the opponent could gain more control over you.


BJJ Rash-guards are worn in place of the jacket in NO-GI. Just like how GI is mandatory in traditional style rash guards are mandatory in this style. While you don’t have to wear it under the GI but some recommend. First, these help in sweat management and are breathable and second, they prevent things like rug burn and skin infection. Wash it after every use to prevent fungus etc.

Moving on from the uniforms we come down to the gear, the following is a list of must-have gear for beginners.


It’s in the name – mouthguards are to protect the teeth and mostly custom made to fit and protect good. Teeth are very important and no one likes a person with few missing teeth. Don’t risk your smile!

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Groin protectors

This one is a must, a must-must. There are a lot of different styles available in the market. Get the one you are comfortable in, just don’t forget it.


Headgear might not seem important but it is. Cauliflower ear, martial artists know of this medical condition, the headgear protects your ears from this.

Knee pads

Complaints of knee sprain and injury come from people who don’t wear knee gear. They might not seem very efficient but adds a protective layer between your knee and other things. At the very least, you’ll have fewer bruises and pain. That is all, happy training!

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