Banana Peels Have Many Purposes: Cooking, Cleaning and Health Uses

Bananas are in the top ten favorite fruits of all time. They are packed full of potassium and natural sugars. A healthy fruit that is easy and fun to eat. After eating a banana or slicing it into your morning cereal or oatmeal, remember to save the peel because it has many uses other than tossing it into the trash.

The most common use for banana peels is applying them to leather shoes or houseplants to obtain a nice shine to the leather and leaves. The key ingredients in this fruit are the potassium and oils it expels into the peel. When using the peel to polish leather or plant leaves a thin layer is left behind. Use a soft clean cloth or paper towel to wipe the residue away along with any grime and dust that had made them look dull and dirty.

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It takes a few weeks, but one can remove warts completely from the skin by rubbing banana peels on the area every night until the wart disappears. There isn’t any magical chemical solution or over-the-counter medicine that works any faster, so why not go the natural route and save money in the process.

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Rose bushes for some reason attract aphids. If you chop banana peels and place those a few inches beneath the dirt around the rose bushes it will deter the plant lice, sap-sucking insects and flies that affect rose bushes. Dried banana peels also work the same way to keep rose bushes at their best.

It may sound strange, although true, if a banana peel is placed inside the roasting pan it will help tenderize a roast while it is cooking. This is a great little trick when you realize the sale price of a nice roast was worth purchasing until it is taken out of the packaging and see that it isn’t quite the same quality expected when it was chosen from the meat section in the supermarket.

Banana peels when rubbed on areas where bug bites are present will help alleviate the itch that is sometimes caused by certain insects. To help the healing process of cuts, scrapes and bruises rub the areas with the peels. By pressing a banana peel over a splinter the natural enzymes will work to pull the sliver of wood out of the skin.

Instead of spending a fortune on silver polish use banana peels as a natural way to clean those antique pieces without investing in pricey toxic cleaners. All that needs to be done is to rub the peel over the area and buff with a soft clean cloth to achieve a beautiful shine on all your silver pieces.

It is curious that most people peel their bananas from the wrong end. The best way to peel a banana is from the bottom and not the top portion that is where the bananas are connected together. When you peel the banana from the other end all the strings will pull away leaving just the flesh of the fruit without having those pesky bitter pieces getting in the way of enjoying your banana.

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We hope you all enjoyed these new uses for banana peels. If you have any others and would like to share your ideas with everyone feel free to leave your examples and suggestions in the comments below. All readers would love to hear what interesting new ways they can use a discarded banana peel before tossing them into the kitchen garbage can.

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