Advantages of Satellite Phones

Advantages of Satellite Phones

A satellite phone can be labeled as a type of mobile phone that connects to other people by radio orbiting satellites rather than terrestrial cell sites. Various satellite phones are designed with varying sizes and weights specifically for telephonic communications. They are popular in low connectivity locations and terrestrial expeditions. Outdoor explorers can access satellite phones from sat phone rental store where you can either buy or rent for a week or a month. Recognized examples of sat phones include Inmarsat IsatPhone 2, Iridium 9555, and Iridium Extreme 9575. Compared to cell phones, some notable benefits include;

It does not depend on cell towers

Sat phones communicate through satellites in orbit. Signals from the device are transmitted to the nearest satellite. Then the prompt is sent to the nearest land-based center or getaway, by which the signal transmits to the receiving phone. The fact that sat phones don’t rely on towers makes them more useful in remote areas such as in the middle of the ocean.

Useful in emergencies

Extreme weather incidents and disasters sometimes compromise Land-based communication networks. Satellite phones are easily accessible even during power outages. Sat phones integrate an SOS emergency button which is quick and easy to use for a predefined call or a pre-programmed SMS alert.

Distinct durability phone features

Some sat phone handsets are engineered for military and industrial use. They are engineered to resist water splashes and are sealed against dust. Significantly few smartphones can withstand such rugged situations.

Great fit for most geographic locations

Sat phones help keep in touch, especially for explorers, mountain climbers, geologists, sailors, skiers, military and law enforcement personnel, pipeline surveyors, and outdoor enthusiasts. In mining companies, satellite phones aid in connecting workers in underground mines and share information.


Satellite phones are vital for safe and secure connectivity, depending on your location and travel. Satellite network providers offer slightly varying levels of coverage.

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