6 Week Workout Plan For Women To Get In Shape Post Pregnancy

Getting married and living happily ever after, is it that simple? I certainly think, not! Marriage leads to happiness, definitely, but then comes during pregnancy which has adverse effects on a girl’s figure, thus shattering her confidence as well. You will often find married women with woes such as ‘I was so slim before I got married’ or while narrating stories to their children: ‘This is the picture of before you were born. See how slim I was?’ But of course, there exist a million ways in which women can regain their initial figure even after pregnancy; they just need the will to do it!

Run, Run And Run!

Yes, you need to jog around in your tracks or perhaps get a jogging stroller and carry your baby around with you. This will help you freshen up after those long 9 months of walking on egg shells, and will also help you spend some time with your newly born out in nature. Walking will help relieve stress levels and will also give you good cardiovascular exercise, which is an exercise that is good for your heart’s well-being.

Bend It All The Way!

Who said mommies couldn’t be sporty? You have to prove to the world that you are the ‘cool’ mom out there! Lie down straight on the floor and then bend your knees upwards towards your tummy and then stretch them forward. This helps in getting rid of the tummy flab and will help you flatten up the stomach after pregnancy.

Get The Ball Rolling!

Exercising with the ball is a good technique to get in shape after pregnancy. Stretch your arms forward with the ball in your hands and then simultaneously stretch your legs one at a time. This will relieve the stress within your muscles and will help you tone your body back to its original form. This exercise is somewhat similar to performing crunches in the gym, just that it gives you an edge in terms of the balancing element.

Dance Your Way Out

Make the post pregnancy period fun: dance your way about! This might even help you in calming your crying baby at times- yes, babies do like hip hop music too! While the CD player sings to your child, you can groove away and take out the day’s frustration through some fancy moves.


Use the rebounder in your mini gym at home and improve the shape of your body. It might as well serve as an entertainment for your newborn child as you rebound in front of him with some tinge of music going on in the background. An exciting exercise that will not only tone your muscles down the thighs, hips and abdomen, the rebounding can also help in bringing down your high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which might have shot up as a result of the pregnancy.

Climb The Stairs!

Perhaps the easiest and the most feasible exercise to perform after pregnancy periods, is to climb the stairs. It is neither time consuming nor very difficult to do, and at the same time it helps in getting rid of the fat stored around your abdomen and hips.

So all those women who think they have grown too old to lose weight, have a look and get rolling!

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