6 Amazing Benefits Of Doing Yoga Nidra

In our busy lives, where stress is mounting continuously and where our lifestyles are busy, hectic and extremely demanding, getting that little period of relaxation and calmness seems to be a tough job. With rising tasks and duties, even negativity tends to rise and becomes a part of our personality.

This is where the importance of yoga nidra comes into play. This yoga practice is meant to bring calm, peace and relaxation to a person and involves internalized awareness.

Yoga nidra basically translates to ‘sleep with full awareness’ and in this practice, the body sleeps but the mind is awake. The following are some of the main benefits of yoga nidra:

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1. Reduces Tension

One of the main benefits of doing yoga nidra is that it helps in reducing tension and stress. While doing this practice, the mind is calm, relaxed and tends to release all its mental tensions. One single hour of this practice is as relaxing as 4 hours of sleep.

2. Trains The Mind

Another benefit of yoga nidra is that it trains and strengthens the mind. The subconscious mind, while doing this practice listens to the instructions and becomes trained and sincere. It becomes strong as far as willpower is concerned and becomes much more conscious.

3. Enhances Memory

The practice of yoga nidra can be used on dull children as it helps them to improve their memory and strengthens learning capacity. Thus yoga nidra’s another benefit is that it makes the mind more capable of holding and learning information and is thus great for the field of education.

4. Manages Psychological Disorders

When a person engages in yoga nidra over a period of time, he/she becomes capable of dealing with his/her own stress in a much better way and becomes capable of managing psychological disorders. Thus by doing this practice, one can control the anxiety levels, and behavior patterns. Moreover, this practice also treats insomnia.

5. Promotes Willpower

Another superb benefit of doing yoga nidra is that it helps in improving and promoting willpower. This practice improves the positive thinking and optimism in a person, making him much more focused on his/her goals, thereby enhancing the willpower.

6. Counteracts Stress

Yoga nidra helps to counteract stress and improves the coping ability. As soon as you feel stress, yoga nidra comes to your rescue, deleting the stress by letting you cope with it more effectively.

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