5 Ways To Turn Bad Workouts Into Great Workouts

Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed, put on your sports gear and head on down to the gym. It’s especially harder in the colder months of the year. But, just like dentist appointments, work meetings and car checkups – it’s something that has to be done, and you know you’ll feel much happier and relieved about it once it’s over. So here are some tips to make those particularly hard workouts a little easier and maybe even fun!

1. Join A Class

Knowing that you’re all ‘in it together’ can really change your attitude to a workout. There are loads of classes available to book onto, at your local gym and at private institutions. Whether it’s a weight lifting class, zumba dancing class, walking or stretch and balance class – there will be one that you really enjoy getting into a routine of doing. You might even have a friend who accompanies you regularly too.

2. Mega Playlist

Have a super fast pumping, energy enhancing playlist, reserved for those ‘I really don’t want to do it’ days! This is great for if you’re going for a run as a rhythmic beat gives you something to keep movements feet in time with. iPod Shuffles are great for this as they simply clip onto your clothes and weigh next to nothing at all, while providing some really heavy beats.

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3. Track Progress

Knowing that you’re working towards a goal and are seeing results, can really boost your positivity. There are loads of apps to help track your fitness journey, or you can hire a personal trainer or even make your own results graph. If you have a particular target for a session, you’re not going to want to let yourself down, and you’ll find the extra energy to really push yourself.

4. Compete

Talking about working towards a goal, an even better incentive is to work towards beating someone else! Perhaps you’ve signed up to a 10km race or you just want to see who can pick up heavier weights on the floor – showing your competitive side can push you further than you thought. However, don’t be overly ambitious, you don’t want to cause an injury.

5. Make Plans

If you’re heading to the gym on a weekend morning, make plans for a friend to meet you for coffee and brunch an hour and a half after starting your workout. This means that you have something to look forward to and you won’t want to finish working out too early, as you don’t want to be stood around waiting for your friend to turn up. Make sure you give yourself twenty minutes to shower!

A positive attitude is the best and most simplest way of making a bad workout into a great one. Think about what you are achieving and focus on how much better you will feel afterwards. Enjoy it.

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