5 Ways Exercise Makes You More Beautiful

Regardless whether you’re an active individual or still finding a reason to go to the gym or lace up your running shoes, there’s a new reasoning that will convince you to get up and sweat it all out—exercise boosts your beauty.

Yes, you read that right. Exercise does not only make your body stronger and fitter but also provides beauty benefits good for your skin and overall health.

Ever wondered why active people look younger than they really are and how they seem to appear radiant at all times? This might be one of the reasons along with of course, proper diet (because you are what you eat).

Time to push yourself to run to the gym today and get a quick skin and beauty fix while simultaneously shedding (or gaining) weight to achieve your fitness goal. Not too bad for a double-purpose routine! Here are five ways regular exercise helps keep you beautiful (and in turn, happy!)

1. Sleep Better

All those sleepless nights led you to looking like a racoon. When was the last time you had a good sleep and complete sleep cycle? Oh, how terrible your mornings must have been waking up with only 4-hour sleep.

Studies have shown that burning calories in the afternoon or night can help you get a good night’s sleep. Deep sleep allows the body to produce growth hormone that contributes in repairing and rebuilding body tissues as well as maintaining collagen matrix.

You know what’s enlightening to look forward after working out and right before you sleep? A refreshing morning waking up after a nice beauty sleep! Yes, they didn’t call it a ’beauty sleep’ for nothing.

2. Reduce Cellulites

We advise you to love the skin you’re in no matter what size, shape or form. However, if you choose to improve your overall health and love your body just as more than you already do, we support you in every decision you make. No harsh judgements, only acceptance.

Let’s talk about cellulites. Cellulites are difficult to combat. These spongy thighs could be caused by poor lymph circulation on skin. An active solution for it? Yoga. the exercise is great for redistributing lymph freely through your fatty areas.

No worries if you’re not really into yoga. Other exercises as well are as effective since exercise routines and moves improve oxygen circulation and in general, it flushes toxins and enhances circulation of nutrients to the skin. Bye-bye, cellulites!

3. Instant Radiant Glow

The best way to look and feel beautiful is to revitalize your skin cells and get that instant glow you’ve been missing for days.

Exercising gets your heart pumping and boosts circulation of oxygenated blood and cell renewal. While you’re at it working the treadmill and kettlebells, you’re stimulating a detoxification unconsciously. Health circulation enhances skin health and vibrancy.

Just take a look at your fitness icons. It’s not at all surprising anymore why you look so radiant post-workout, now you know why.

4. Decreases Level of Stress Hormones

Work can be stressful and often times, you just shrug off the feeling hoping for a better tomorrow. However, sometimes it just won’t go away. How well do you handle stress and what are the ways you do to overcome it?

We all know what stress does to our mental and physical health and it isn’t good. What more is it also wreck havoc on our skin. Many a time you wake up with a large zit on your face and dark circles under your eyes. Who wakes up with a smile on their faces seeing these unpleasantness?

Lucky for you, exercise reduces the level of your stress hormones which in turn, increases your endorphins—your “feel-good” chemicals your body releases). Just notice how energized, refreshed and positive you feel after a good workout. Suddenly, all the negative vibrations disappear instantly after a workout.

Next time you feel stressed or had a tiring day at work, go straight to the gym and pump the stress away—you’ll feel at your best afterwards, we guarantee it (and your skin will be rejuvenated as well).

5. Boosts Your Confidence

Exercising—losing or gaining weight—does not only make you look good, it makes you feel a number of positive sensations such as fit, strong, and better all in all. The closer you reach your goal weight, the more your body- and self-confidence increases. You may not notice it but confidence is what makes you beautiful no matter what.

Aside from the progress your body shows, your glowing skin makes you feel twice as lighter and more confident in flaunting your body—your hard work and primary vessel. Confidence is the key to feeling (more) beautiful.

Now that you know how much exercising contributes to making your skin healthier and beautiful, time to lace up your shoes!

Furthermore, we’d like to know: In what other ways has exercise make you feel beautiful? What are your fitness methods? Share it with us!

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