5 Things To Put On Your Wedding Registry

Are you getting married? If so, you’re probably thinking about what you’re going to put on your wedding registry. In the old days, it was quite easy to think of items to add to your list. After all, couples were setting up a home from scratch and so they needed everything from pots and pans to cutlery and glassware. These days, however, more couples have lived together before the big day. That means that they already have most of the essentials for their home. This makes it very difficult for guests to choose what to buy as the perfect wedding gift.

Although it can be tempting to simply make a giant list of all the things that you’ve ever wanted, that isn’t the best approach to take. It’s also important to avoid simply adding a host of knick knacks to your list and then realizing that you have nowhere to store them or that you’ll never use them. A pasta maker might be a cool idea but unless you’ve got lots of time and energy on your hands you’ll probably use it once and then put it in the cabinet never to be seen again.

Instead, think about items which are really meaningful and which you’ll get lots of use out of. Don’t forget to put on items at all price points. While a few guests might be happy to splash out on something costly, there’s bound to be at least some who would appreciate a more affordable gift choice.

With that in mind, here are just five items you might want to put on your wedding registry.

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A Stand Mixer

If you don’t already have a stand mixer, this is the perfect gift choice to add to your wedding registry. If you’re a keen baker, this is a particularly useful item to add to the list, but even if you only bake infrequently, you’ll find that it saves you lots of time when you do. The best stand mixers also look stylish and add a more professional look to your kitchen.

An Outdoor Oven

Who doesn’t love barbecuing and preparing food outdoors during the summer months? Whether you’re the keen outdoor chef or whether your spouse to be is the culinary enthusiast, an outdoor oven or barbecue grill is the perfect high end choice for your wedding registry. It’s a gift that will keep giving and that you’ll get plenty of use out of in the years to come.

A Pestle And Mortar

Most people never consider buying themselves a pestle and mortar, however they’re very useful in any kitchen and when you have one, you’ll find that you use it more often than you thought you would. A pestle and mortar is a great way to crush spices, prepare pastes and to prepare herbs ready to add to a dish. It’s also an excellent lower price point item for anyone who can’t afford to splash out on the expensive stuff.

A Dinner Set

Another mid priced item to add to your wedding registry is a good quality dinner set. Everyone needs a good dinner set for parties, celebrations or family dinners, and what better time to get hold of one than for your wedding. It’s something that you’ll use for many years to come and it’ll have real sentimental value in the future, even if it’s rarely used.

A Knife Set

Everyone needs good quality knives in their kitchen and again, there’s no better time to ask for them than on your big day. A set which contains a wide range of knives is always the best choice since it will have a knife for each and every occasion. Whether you’re preparing meat, vegetables or fruit, you’ll have just the right knife to hand for your needs. Whether you need a knife for thinner slices or whether you’re looking for a boning knife for joints, a good set will have everything you need right there.

These are just five ideas for top items to add to your wedding registry list. This forms a good starting point for your special day, and all five of these are sure to be useful for many more happily married years.

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