3 Ways to Change Up Your Look

3 Ways to Change Up Your Look

Changing up your look can be a great way to refresh your style and feel more confident. Using these tips you can easily switch up your appearance in a variety of ways.


Try out different makeup trends for a fun and easy way to transform your look. Experiment with a dramatic cat-eye or try using different shades of eyeshadow. Play around with wearing matte lipstick or bright new lip colors. Watch tutorial videos online to learn how to properly contour and highlight different parts of your face. With the right techniques, you can bring out and dress up your natural features. For a more nude look, you can skip the mascara and swap the lipstick for lip gloss. If you don’t enjoy the routine of putting makeup on every day, then you can try permanent makeup Long Island NY. Permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic tattoo that is designed to resemble makeup and enhance your natural features. While it is very low maintenance, it may be prone to fading after 5 years.


Another way to revamp your look is by getting a new haircut. Don’t be afraid to cut a few inches out or try something even more dramatic. If you’re unsure, look for pictures of hairstyles you like that you can bring your hairstylist for reference. You might try adding layers or getting bangs. Think about adding highlights or lowlights if you want to add more color and dimension. There are endless ways to dye your hair. You can add a streak of color, dye the bottom layer, or change the color of your entire head. Be sure to properly care for your new hairstyle so it lasts. Pay attention to the products you put in and consider buying special shampoo for color-treated hair.


There are plenty of ways to change your look without having to spend a lot of money. You might purchase a new item here or there but for the most part, you can focus on wearing your clothes differently and accessorizing. Try to style pieces of clothing for different seasons. For example, you might pair your favorite tank underneath a cozy flannel for winter or see if you can style a summer dress for the fall using leggings and a sweater. You can accessorize any outfit with just a few great pieces. Try a bold headband, fashionable shoes, or a statement necklace with any outfit of your choosing. If you do go shopping, start by finding clothes and accessories at a second-hand store.

It’s easy to change up your look with these simple tips.

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