3 Ways to Care for Your Mental and Physical Health

3 Ways to Care for Your Mental and Physical Health

Before you do anything else, take a breath. Maybe you’ve realized that it has been a while since you’ve done anything to care for your mind or body. Consider these suggestions when you’re ready to make some changes.

1. The Body

Pay attention to your body. Keep routine medical appointments and approach medical professionals whenever you feel signs of something wrong. Then, regularly schedule exercise into your workweek and weekend. Practice forms of exercise that you enjoy. Some people prefer lifting weights while others are motivated by opportunities to spend time outside. Go on a bike ride in the fresh air with a couple of friends if you prefer social activities. Staying active with others will also help keep you accountable.

2. The Mind and Body

Many people enjoy taking on practices that tend to both their mental and physical health. Yoga is one of the most popular mind-body practices. If you haven’t attended a yoga class before, the variety might surprise you. Vinyasa, for instance, a practice of flowing through different shapes, might appeal to you. Maybe you’re looking for a yoga offering that fits a specific need, however, such as yoga for lymphatic drainage or yoga for pregnancy. Perhaps a slow, meditative practice is what you’d prefer, or meditation alone.

3. Meditation and Reflection

Reflect on your feelings. Take some time to just exist. Some people might find satisfaction in attending a group meditation while others will prefer sitting alone and repeating a calming mantra. Keep a journal or take out a sheet of paper and write down feelings as you experience them. Speak to a counselor or trusted friend about hopes for the future and concerns. It can provide comfort if you’re able to examine your feelings, either with another person or alone.

Understand where you are now and then reach forward. It’s easy to fall into a routine and not acknowledge how you feel within that routine. So, begin by taking a breath. How do you feel physically? How do you feel mentally? What will you do next?

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