3 Unique Training Styles That Will Improve Your Gains

Sometimes, sticking with the same gym routine can get boring and leave you struggling for results. Here are three unique things you can do that will add muscle and improve your gains.

1. Martial Arts

Taking up martial arts is a fantastic thing you can do for your body. Physically speaking, martial arts experts are some of the fittest in the world. All martial arts disciplines require you to be in tip-top shape. You have to be lean and carry lots of muscle mass. You need the muscle for two things; power and protection. Having heavy muscle density means it will be easier for you to receive multiple blows during a fight. It will also put more power behind your punches and kicks and give you a stronger grip.

Martial arts training is very much bodyweight based and the focus is on control. You learn how to be in control of your body, you have functional strength. The muscle you gain won’t just be for show, it’s for a reason. It’s there to help you.

Adding martial arts training to your routine will be a good way to improve your physique. You’ll find yourself gaining more lean muscle and being far fitter than before.

2. Crossfit

You might think that CrossFit is the same as going to the gym because it’s done in a gym area. But, this is not the case. CrossFit training is very different from your typical bodybuilding training to gain muscle. The Mind Body Blog describes it as high-intensity exercise that focuses on functional movements. This means movements that we’d use in our everyday life.

The aim of CrossFit is to get you fit and strong. It’s a great way for people to gain lots of muscle, over a short training period. As I said, it’s high-intensity training, which has loads of benefits for your body. For starters, it means you can burn more calories as you workout, meaning you’ll lose body fat. Secondly, the way CrossFit is performed, it’s intense because you’re using multiple muscle groups at the same time. The lifts aren’t just focussing on one group; you need to have a few working together. This puts more strain on your muscles, helping them to get stronger and bigger.

I’d recommend you take up CrossFit in addition to your normal training routine. It’s not something you should be doing every day of the week. But, once of twice, combined with regular gym visits, and you should see improvements in muscle gains.

3. Athletics

Athletics is one of the best things you can do to gain lean muscle and stay in shape. Training like an athlete means you’re going to be doing a lot of power movements. If you do sprint training, you will focus a lot on building leg strength and power. The training you do is geared to building muscle to help you be more powerful in your running. I’ve chosen this because athletics really helps with the legs, which a lot of guys neglect.

A couple of athletics sessions a week will transform the way your body functions. Over time, you will become stronger, more muscular and athletic.

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