3 Things You Didn’t Know About Implants

Implants have become a cornerstone of dentistry in recent decades, thanks to technology. Latest available news, tools and research in the field can be seen in professional publications such as the implant dentistry journal.

Due to such advances, dental implants have become more affordable, effective and convenient. With these improvements, the demand for implants is also growing.

Factors of Growth

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants
By 2020, the global dental implants market, aided by factors such as the incidence of oral diseases, is projected to exceed $4.4 billion, according to Technavio. Other factors contributing to the market growth include higher demand for oral care, increasing adoption of evidence-based dentistry and the growing edentulous population.

“Advances in technology have led to the introduction of new procedures that offer efficient oral care, minimally invasive procedures, early detection of caries using laser equipment and treatment of periodontal diseases,” Technavio analyst Barath Palada said. “This will increase the number of patients and dental visits, which, in turn, will drive the growth of the dental implants market.”

Benefits of 3-D

3-D technology, on the rise especially with 3-D printing, is also leaving its mark on implant dentistry. These days, 3-D imaging is being incorporated into dental practice for better, more accurate results, integrating 3-D images of patients’ dental work with their pictures.

Such 3-D models better guide dentists and technicians so they are able to map out the implant surgery before going in as a practice run.

Assistance of Robots

Robots are performing dental implant surgeries under the supervision of dentists. Patients are also seeing a rise of robot-assisted surgeries, which help reduce human error and guide drill direction.

The implant dentistry market, which is slated to grow at an annual compound rate of 7.3 percent until 2022, is seeing some interesting developments. Patients considering implants can ask their dentists about what options may be available for them.

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